One Touch with Psy & Janghoon Kim

Posted on April 1, 2011


by Da-Yee Jeong

It was one of the coldest weeks of 2010, but singers Psy and One Touch heated up the stage at Seoul’s Jam-Sil Stadium to a sold out audience in late December.  It is a popular concert famous for taking humor, dance, and song to the extreme. These two dynamite singers will bring their sold-out concert tour to Wonju this month where undoubtedly many Yonsei University-Wonju students will attend.

Psy and Janghoon Kim’s music style is quite unique. Psy’s music is very sensational, bold rap music. Janghoon Kim’s music is a mix of lyrical ballads. Although their style is dissimilar, once they get together the stage, the results are beyond your imagination.

Janghoon Kim began the concert with calm ballads and progresses to loud music. Next, Psy spices things up with his recent song, “Right Now”. The scene was spectacular at December’s concert. The crowd jumped in excitement and lit up the concert hall with glow-in-the-dark bangles, the yellow, red, blue, green, and purple colors dancing across the darkness.

Because of all the excitement, the crowd and even the singers became tired. During break time, Psy and Janghoon sang quiet songs like “Paradise” and “Rain and You” as the crowd put up their hands and swayed slowly to the music.

After gathering breath, they showed their funny side. Janghoon Kim parodied the girl group Old Caramel, wearing a vinyl dress and bow on his head . He sang and danced to Orange Caramel’s hit song “Magic Girl”. Psy was even funnier. He put on his alter ego named “Psyonce” and danced to American pop singer Beyonce’s hit song “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” wearing a black leotard similar to the one Beyonce wore in her music video. The two pop start competed against each other and it was difficult to choose the winner because both shocked and entertained the audience equally well.

The most interesting part of concert was the atmosphere. It was very free and fun for everyone involved. A fan in the crowd gave a pack of Soju (Korean alcohol) to Janghoon Kim and Psy often sang lying on the stage floor. There were no barriers between the audience and performers. They sang together, jumped together and shouted for joy at the same time.

For the last part of concert, Psy and Janghoon Kim sang together while running around the entire stage. The crowd kept jumping and singing for the entire length of the 4-hour-long  concert. It was a exciting evening that concertgoers will remember for a very long time to come.

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