A Taste of Korea at Pulmuone Kimchi Field Museum

Posted on April 6, 2011


Photo courtesy of the Pulmuone Kimchi Field Museum

by Kim Dahye

The Pulmuone Kimchi Field Museum has been open for 25 years and moved to its current location in the Coex Mall in Seoul 10 years ago. Thousands of people visit Coex Mall everyday  so it is a convenient location for tourists interested in the spicy delicacy known as kimchi, a staple in Korean cuisine.

The main purpose of this museum is to introduce Korea’s most representative food to both natives and foreigners. The history of kimchi, the various kinds of kimchi, the process of making kimchi, and its health benefits are introduced in the 680 square yard gallery.

Interesting maps displayed show the different Kimchi style in various regions of the country. There are even some unusual types of kimchi that even some Koreans do not know about. For instance, “Suk Kkactuki” is a softer texture of kimchi for elderly. In the Buddhist temples, monks are not allowed to eat spicy food. Therefore, light kimchi called “Youlmu Kimchi” was invented. In this Kimchi, five hot vegetables are not included.

Pots that are typically used to store kimchi are on display. Visitors can learn the nutritious effects of kimchi which is shown to prevent cancer and contains vitamins A and C.

Kim Un Jin, the receptionist at the museum, said foreigners and the tourists mostly visit on the weekends and the end of the year is the most popular season. Among the most frequented tourists are the Japanese followed by South East Asians and Americans.

Although the museum does not sell kimchi, visitors can make reservations to experience kimchi making as well as sample various types of kimchi. The Sampling room is very popular with visitors.

“I just loved the Sampling room,” said Takagi Kana, a Japanese tourist. “I would definitely introduce this museum to my friends in Japan.” When asked how she found the museum, she answered she searched the internet because she was interested in the history of kimchi in Korea.

There are also rooms for education, data, and videos on kimchi. Visitors can see the steps of making kimchi on the wall and graphs that show the exportation of kimchi worldwide. Video clips are focused on a child’s point of view, so it is easy for children to understand.

The Pulmuone Kimchi Museum opens Tuesday through Sunday from 10am to 6pm. If you use subway, get off at Samsung Station and exit at exit number 5. If you use the bus, get off at Bong Un Sa Station. The museum is located on the second floor basement of the Coex Mall. The telephone number is 02-6002-6456. To find more about Kimchi Museum visit www.kimchimuseum.or.kr. The admission fee is 3000 won for adults and 2000 won for students.

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