No More Fans Without Bodybuilding

Posted on April 6, 2011


Korean movie star Byung-Hun Lee is known for his washboard abs

by Dong Hwan Kim

“I want to be like Lee’s body”.

“Make me like this photo”.

These are the comments that are easily heard at the health club. No one puts their foot into the gym just to be healthy. They think of having a star’s body and gaining self-confidence.

Double H Multi Gym located in Sinsadong, Seoul is well-known for its star trainers. The gym is located in a huge building containing many different weight machines and offers exercise programs such as yoga and group exercise. Its trainers are always busy receiving phone calls to make reservations. However, ordinary people remain Double H Multi Gym’s main clientele.

Jae-Won Kim is a personal training manager at the gym who has worked with many famous Korean stars. His advice is to never hurry and to work with an expert trainer. A six pack is what many men strive for but it is not easy to obtain. The more you know about how the body gets in shape, the faster you will see results.

“I am taking care of more than five people each day with little free time,” said Hyun-Min Park, a pilates trainer at the gym. “They do weight training but also combine yoga or pilates to have a better shape. Doing only one kind of exercise won’t give you a star body.”

These days, not only one’s appearance,  but his or her body shape is a big issue. A good body shape means not just showing off. It is a sign of pride and the ability of self-control. Therefore, not everyone can do it.

Su-Min Hong, a student at Yonsei Universty in Wonju said, “It’s hard to keep in shape. No time to do homework and studying. How can I spend time on my body?”

Stars are showing off their body in the media and lots of men are wishing to follow stars like Byun-Hun Lee (pictured above) for a great six-pack. However, not everyone’s dream will come true because body building is not an easy challenge.

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