Dak Galbi at Yoogane Restaurant is Korea’s Choice

Posted on April 20, 2011


Photo Source: Yoogane

by Da-yee “Cloe” Jeong

If you want to taste an authentic dish only found in Korea, you should eat dak galbi. You may think of kimchi or bulgogi as famous Korean foods. But once you take a bite of dak galbi, your opinion of which Korean food is best might change.

Literally, dak means chicken and galbi means ribs in Korean. But chicken ribs are not used for cooking dak galbi. Actually, dak galbi’s main ingredient is chicken drumsticks. Galbi also means stir-fried food so the real meaning of dak galbi is stir-fried chicken.

“It is really easy to cook dak galbi at home because you only need some chicken drumsticks, galics, onions and red pepper paste,” said Hyeon-Suk Kim, a chef at restaurant Yoogane. “But if you want to eat really great dak galbi, you must visit our restaurant.” Tteok (rice cake) is also added to this delicious mix.

“I can’t tell the secret of this sauce but I can guarantee you that it is made of healthy things and it is also very addictive.”

Yoogane is a restaurant famous for dak galbi. Of course, other restaurant also make dak galbi but Yoogane is one of the most popular chains in Korea.

“I really love Yoogane’s dak- galbi. It is very very delicious and also cheap,” said university student Joo-a Jeong.

“My friends and I usually crowd into here. With small talk and Yoogane’s dak galbi, we don’t need other things.”

Yoogane also has other items on the menu like makguksu which is a Korean cold noodle dish, well-matched with dak galbi and some kinds of Korean side dishes.

“Well, customers order dak galbi and usually add some side dishes. A popular order is dak galbi with rice and ramyeon,” said Yoogane waitress Su-Jin Heo. “Of course, other dishes are also yummy. But these are the most recommended dishes in our restaurant. After you eat dak galbi, we add some rice, sauce and ramyeon in the pan and mix it well. The taste is unforgettable.”

So, if you really want to taste authentic cuisine the next time you are in Korea, just visit Yoogane and order dak galbi.

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