How the Smartphone Changed Campus Life

Posted on May 15, 2011


by Dong Su Kim

In 2010, the smartphone craze had begun. These days, most people  in Korea have their own smartphone. They use their smartphone for various purposes. For college students, the smartphone has changed their life so far.

First of all, the smartphone made life more comfortable for students.

“In university, we often order food for delivery and sometimes we don’t know the delivery service number. But with the smartphone, we can find any number of deliveries near campus,” said Kyu Kyon Sim, a freshman in humanities at Yonsei University – Wonju campus.

Students can easily access delivery services on the internet anywhere on campus with the smartphone. Also, students who live in the dormitory can fill out a form if they want to stay out of the dormitory for the night. Thus, before smartphones, students had to find computers to fill out the form. Now, they can fill the form out wherever using their smartphone.

“University students are often stay out overnight drinking, so we fill out the form very often. However, in bars or pubs, there are no computers. Now, we can write the form in bars or pubs,” said Kyung Hun Kim, freshman in the department of business administration at Baejae University.

Not only students, but also professors have a smartphone. This makes communication between students and professors easier. For example, many smartphone users use an application called ‘Kakao talk’. Professors and students use this applicationso students can ask about mid-term exams to professors at any time, professors can reply at any time, even the day before the mid-term examination. Thus, students can get more information about the exam from professors and can improve their scores. Students can write out or revise their reports or assignments whenever or wherever they are.

“I usually make a lot of mistakes in my reports, but I don’t have time to revise it. With smartphone, I can review my assignments on the subway. Thus, I can utilize my time more efficiently,” said Do Young Kim, a freshman in international relationship at Kukmin University.

Smartphones also help students save money. With smartphones, student can log onto their messenger wherever without a computer. Thus, they can talk to their friends for free.

“Some of my friends don’t have their own cell phone, so it is difficult to make appointments often. However, with my smartphone, I can use my messenger even on the street, so we can communicate easier without a cell phone,” said Sung Min Kong, a student at Ewha Women’s University.

The smartphone has changed the lives of university students. The border between computer and cell phone is disappearing. The development of technology is very fast and the combination of the smartphone and university is an incredible change in campus lifestyle.

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